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12/07/2019 0

WordPress Speed Optimization without Coding: 16 Simple Steps

By Vasyl Tsyktor

Speeding up a WordPress site is a widespread issue among bloggers worldwide. WordPress is a great content management system that provides non-coders with flexibility, wide functionality, and customization. Unfortunately, its simplicity has the other side of the coin: a WordPress...

14/04/2019 10

How to Improve Your WordPress SEO – The Ultimate Guide

By Vasyl Tsyktor

Search engine optimization, also known as SEO, is a set of practices that allows website owners to adjust their sites...

27/02/2019 11

How to Set Up Google Alerts – The Ultimate Tutorial

By Vasyl Tsyktor

Being quite simple, the Google Alerts service has a huge potential. In fact, few people know how to properly use...


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17/10/2019 0

2FA vs MFA: The Detailed Comparison

By Vasyl Tsyktor

2FA and MFA are similar terms that’s why they’re often confused with each other. Furthermore, these technologies can sometimes be used interchangeably. However, they have a tiny difference that can...


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04/10/2019 0

YouTube Music vs Google Play Music: The Ultimate Comparison

By Vasyl Tsyktor

YouTube Music is a music streaming service released in 2015. Despite Google announced about its plans to replace its older app Google Play Music and preinstall YouTube Music on Android...


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02/09/2019 0

What Is Libra? – Facebook Cryptocurrency Explained

By Vasyl Tsyktor

Libra is a new cryptocurrency built on the open-source blockchain technology called Libra Blockchain. Announced in June 18, 2019, by Facebook, Libra is supposed to become a global financial infrastructure...

09/05/2019 0

What Is a Bitcoin Mining Farm?

By Vasyl Tsyktor

A mining farm is a set of hardware that includes a computer and graphics processing units (GPUs) connected to it. In a typical scenario, the number of GPUs varies from...

15/03/2019 2

What Is HDD Mining? – The Technology Simplified

By Vasyl Tsyktor

HDD mining is the cryptocurrency mining method based on hard disk drives. Unlike typical mining based on graphics processing units, also known as GPU mining, HDD miners use a set...