CyberPulse's founder

Vasyl Tsyktor, Founder

Hi there,

I created this blog to provide you with detailed and complete digital solution overviews, various how-to tutorials, up-to-date news, and useful guides on cybersecurity, web development, and many other interesting topics. With sharing actual knowledge in mind, I developed this online magazine to deliver high-quality content based on deep research and scrupulous fact-checking.

I started my blogging career as a copywriter in the IT industry in 2015. Since that time, I’ve cooperated with a wide range of international companies focused on web, mobile app, and software development. Having got enough experience in technology topics, I decided to share what I know and what I find with those people interested in such topics. Being a non-native speaker, I may make some grammar mistakes in posts on this website. Furthermore, my style of writing is far from being perfect. However, I always try to do my best in order to improve my writing skills and make my English better.

You can share your feedback about this site with me by sending an email at vasjaciktr(at)gmail.com.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading CyberPulse.info!