How to Make a Virtual Tour with iPhone8 min read

How to Make a Virtual Tour with iPhone8 min read

14/05/2020 0 By Vasyl Tsyktor

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a real estate virtual tour with iPhone, then you appreciate your time and strive for implementing effective marketing strategies using the lean approach. This is exactly what 3D tours can offer. With the rise of smartphones and mobile apps, you longer need to depend on your desktop to access on-premise software with advanced features. You can take a 360-degree photo with your mobile device and then embed it on your website on the go.

Despite their name, virtual tours have few things in common with virtual reality. They, however, can be streamed via VR headsets as 360-degree video. While either non-immersive, semi-immersive, or fully-immersive VR provide unreal computer-generated environments, 3D tours typically reflect real-life surroundings like home or car interiors. Virtual tours allow users to virtually explore the interiors before they spend their resources to physically view what they’re going to spend their money on. This is only a couple of many other benefits of virtual tours for you and your customers.

Time needed: 15 minutes.

In this post, you will learn how to create a virtual tour of a building using your smartphone based on iOS or Android. You will only need to download and install a suitable app as well as sign up. As soon as you create an account, you will be able to make a 3D tour of an apartment, house, or even a whole hotel in minutes. We will consider how to make a virtual tour for real estate using a popular VR Maker app from iStaging. Then you will also get acquainted with the simple tricks that will help you improve your virtual tour with the rotating device and VR Editor web app to provide your customers with a more engaging experience and make the shooting process easier and more suitable.

  1. Create the iStaging account

    Go to the official iStaging website and click the Get Started Now button and choose your subscription plan by clicking the Get Started button below the preferred pricing option. In the pop-up form, enter your credentials, confirm your agreement with the terms and conditions, and click Submit. You will receive the confirmation email with a couple of useful links referring to the help center, subscription management webpage, and more.VR Editor sign up page

  2. Prepare your hardware

    Before creating a virtual tour with iPhone, you should make sure your smartphone’s camera fisheye lens is clean to make clear 360-degrees panoramas. Clip the 720-degree lens on your phone’s camera and switch Bluetooth on your mobile device. If you have a rotator, turn it on, then disable and enable Bluetooth back in your control center. When the rotator is connected to your iPhone, you can proceed to taking 360-degree photos.720-degree lens for a smartphone

  3. Take panoramas

    To take panoramas, open the VR Maker mobile app, sign in, and tap the camera icon. If you use your smartphone built-in camera, take a panorama by rotating around your axis. Once taken, the panorama will automatically be saved. Take into account that a rotator significantly simplifies the shooting process and helps you make photos more accurate. By taking photos manually, you put the final panorama at risk since the image processing algorithm may improperly stick separate images together because of the incorrect foreshortening.Installing a rotator

  4. Upload your virtual tour

    After capturing, tap the square at the left-bottom to enter the album. In “JOINED RECENTLY”, you can see the panoramas you’ve shot. Simply click on “UPLOAD” to add your file to the iStaging cloud. If you want to upload the panoramas that you shoot previously, you can choose “HISTORY to see all the panoramas that you’ve taken before. Then click “DONE” and you have successfully created a LiveTour!Upload your virtual tour

  5. Edit your virtual tour in the app

    Select a live tour you want to edit and click the pencil icon. In this menu, you can reorder and edit the name for each panorama, as well as name the LiveTour. Click Done when you complete your changes. You also can add hotspots that will link to certain panoramas. This comes in useful when you create a real estate virtual tour. These hotspots will allow your potential customers to virtually explore your house or apartment in a natural way.

    To add a hotspot, click the panorama you want to edit. Then click the round icon and you can adjust the place of hotspots. Tap the plus icon to put on a hotspot and select a panorama you want to connect. Click Done to save your changes. In addition, you can share your created virtual tour by clicking the Share button. You can share the 360-degree tour by a link, QR code, or send it to Facebook or Google Street View.Edit your virtual tour

  6. Open the VR editor

    A web-based virtual tour editing app provides enhanced capabilities compared to a mobile app. For example, the web VR Editor enables you to add tags, notes, markers, pictures, floor plans, and even embed videos. Go to the VR Editor, sign in, and select the LiveTour you want to edit. On the next page, you can make your virtual tour public or hidden using the corresponding toggle, preview the LiveTour, share it to social media networks, copy it to another account, or completely remove it. Under the Basic information tab, you can edit name, description, and location. You can also upload your own logo and preview to manage panorama tours

  7. Manage your panoramas

    On the panoramas tab, you can edit the name of the panorama and change the order by dragging them once you click the 3 points button. In addition, you can replace the panorama, copy this panorama to other LiveTours, or completely remove it. You can skip this step if you’ve already accomplished your changes in the mobile app.VR Editor for virtual tours

  8. Add useful data

    – Add a hotspot by clicking on the corresponding button and place it in the necessary position. Then select the panorama you want to link to through this hotspot and modify the point of view according to your needs. Click Save to confirm your changes.
    – Add tags by clicking on the tag button, fill in the necessary content, for example, a product name, photo, description, or URL to direct viewers to your website. Click Save to confirm your changes.
    – Add pictures by clicking Browse to upload the file and click Save to confirm your changes.
    – Add notes by entering your text and click Save to confirm your changes.
    – Embed a video by pasting the YouTube link in the URL column. Click Save to confirm your changes.
    – Set the default image for your virtual tour and click Save to confirm your changes.
    – Add your floor plan by clicking the corresponding button, upload your floor plan. Each panorama you uploaded has a point. Move each point on the floor plan to reflect where they were captured and adjust the direction of the view to the panorama’s default view. Click Save to confirm your changes.
    – Take the panorama screenshot and click Save to confirm your to add hotspots to a virtual tour

  9. Combine multiple live tours in a single link

    You can group particular virtual tours in one link. For example, if you want to demo a hotel, you can combine floors and rooms in the way to send a single link to your visitors to let them explore all available options in one click. To combine multiple virtual tours, click the Create group button and select your panoramas. To edit the group, select it and then you can edit the group name and description in the Basic information tab. To add new panoramas or remove a certain virtual tour from the group, go to the Manage LiveTours menu. You also can reorder your virtual tours using the Sort function. Click the cross icon to change the order of your virtual tours.How to create a 3D tour for a hotel

  10. Share your virtual tour

    Click the Share button in the upper right corner to send your virtual tour to your customers or colleagues via QR code, Facebook, email, Twitter, LinkedIn, or embed it in Google Street View.Share your virtual tour

Now you know how to create a 360-degree virtual tour with your iPhone and see how easy it is. With the VR Maker app, it costs only $1.7 per tour within the most affordable monthly subscription plan which seems an effective investment. Taking into account that one month is enough for closing a sale in real estate, you have no need for prolonging your subscription once you sell or rent your property. 

Furthermore, you will receive access to the web app that expands your capabilities and allow you to create a premium virtual tour for the same price. You can add your logo and other branding information to build your brand identity and increase its recognition among your target audience. In addition, the solution from iStaging is Google Street View ready that’s why you can easily embed your virtual tour to Google Maps. Make your customers decide faster without leaving your website!