Tag: Virtual Tour

A virtual tour, also known as panoramic tour or cyber tour, is an interactive 360-degree panoramic image that illustrates a real-world interior of a certain house, building, apartment, or vehicle. Often confused with a 3D walkthrough and virtual reality tour, traditional virtual tours are digital photos rather than computer-generated graphical content. Panoramic tours allows users to slide, move, and rotate an image within a panorama in 360 degrees. They may have hotspots that refer to specific image points enabling fast traveling between them. At virtual real estate tours, hotspots typically refer to particular rooms. In other words, by clicking a certain hotspot placed on the room door in the picture, users can proceed to viewing another room. Combined with a useful text description, video, and floor plan, virtual tours provide a deeper engagement and better perception of the interior than conventional images. Ones of the most known virtual tours are Google Street View photos on Google Maps.